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Very worthwhile

Decent selection, I just dont like how you are forced to be subscribed to it as some months I dont listen as much. Really good with getting new release books and classic books.


Ive read several books on audible and they worked fine. Now my son bought me two books. When I log into audible, my new books are not there and I cant find any way in the app to download the new books. I got emails with links saying "redeem". When I click on that link, I go through a bunch of crappy pages and eventually see a long which says launch app. That doesnt work either. Why cant I just go to this useless app and the purchased books would be there. Or, at least a link that says something like "click here to download purchased books. Who would make such a useless app? All I want is three functions: Buy books Download those books Listen to those books I cant find a way to do any of those. WTH?!? Not being able to buy audiobooks in an audiobook app is beyond retarded!

Audible is great and convenient

I really enjoy listening to audible books on long car rides and on my lunch breaks. They have a wide selection of book titles and are really good about giving similar book recommendations. I would just recommend listening to a sample of the book before you buy it to ensure you like the narrator.


Its awesome!! One of the best apps I have

Makes my commute more than tolerable

Driving an hour and a half each way to and from work, providing traffic cooperates, drives me insane. Boring radio or a used-up playlist wasnt cutting it anymore. Enter Audible. Im enriching my mind while going somewhere. Great app. Couldnt live without it.

Excellent... and 7734, its free!


Incredible Value

Amazon has done it again. Massive gain in this app especially for the busy life

Love it!

I love having audible so I can listen on long car trips to books I am might not have been able to get around to reading due to my busy schedule!

Why are we limited to 7 speed settings

This app is great but when attempting to adjust the speed of the reader you dont have much control. It starts of with .75x and goes up by .25x until you reach 1.5x then it starts to go up by .5x until you reach 3x. If anything you need finer tuning ability when the voice is going faster. If I could suggest one thing it would be the ability to have a slider so the listener can adjust the speed of the readers voice to the exact speed they enjoy(allowing more control and finer tuning of the speed of the voice).


Theres a great selection and the app works well. But you have to pay for every book and although you have to buy them and presumably you own them, you cant trade them or lend them as I could if I actually bought the audiobook. Waiting for sales made a lot of that better, but then they did this ridiculous joint marketing thing with Cesar Milan, a phoned dog trainer, whos been sued and investigated multiple times for animal abuse. So thats where I have to cut this relationship short. A better deal is They dont have a lot of new releases, but they have a HUGE catalog and for $9.99 a month you get unlimited access to their ebook AND audiobook collection. Ive only had them for 2 months and Ive read about 12 books total and only spent $9.99 because the first month is free. Its awesome! Get it!

Commuting in LA has never been more peaceful!

Listening to Eckhart Tolles "Power of Now" has been a great way to relieve traffic stress while commuting to work!

Not user-friendly

As far as just playing audiobooks this app is fine. But now they are offering all kinds of other content, and the ability to find more audiobooks you might like. It is extremely difficult to navigate between this app and wherever the heck on Amazon you are supposed to be able to find the books that you added to your wish list here. It is extremely frustrating.

Please let me view my wish list

Please dont push me to open the website if I can do many things through the app.

Does the job

I have several devices and love being able to listen across all the devices without losing my spot. I keep several books downloaded at any given time bc the download process can sometimes be a bit lengthy.

Great service

Been using mine to listen to Game of Thrones. Absolutely love this app.



Almost great!

A table of contents with link to location, a linked index by keyword and links to goodreads reviews are all that remain missing. Audible is an excellent app, but Hoopla is better!

Decent app but...

Its ridiculous that you cant buy an audio book within the app

High-quality app, Phenomenal Service

Please make the wish list available on app. Keep up the great work!!

Will not work

Doesnt work and wont play any books now. Pos ap. Spend 20$ on an audio book and none of them work now.

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